P2P Lending Carnival #4

In June of last year I reviewed the top Prosper blogs. Since then, the number of bloggers covering P2P lending has increased significantly and the content covers much more than just Prosper. I'm proud to host the 4th edition of the P2P Lending Carnival. There are a huge range of articles in this edition including some heavy anti-P2P lending posts. Prosper, Lending Club, Lending Hub (Australia), Kiva, Virgin Money, and IOU Central (Canada) are covered. We have posts from borrowers as well as lenders. So enjoy...this represents the "best of" P2P lending articles over the last 2-3 weeks. Past editions have been hosted by Lazy Man and Money, Brip Blap, and Rateladder.

6 Ways To Manage The Risk of Peer to Peer Lending - This is a post by SVB on the official Prosper Blog. She wants to make the leap into P2P lending and takes a look at how to overcome her risk aversion. She has some great tips. I look forward to following her story as she starts lending.

5 Ways to Help Get a Prosper Loan Funded - Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme has lent out more than $12,000 over the past 18 months and has a few great tips for borrowers.

Is Person to Person Lending Safe? - Cash Money Life responds to reader's questions about the safety of P2P lending. "Just like any other investment," he writes, "you need to do your research to determine the level of risk you are willing to assume and the percentage of your portfolio you are willing to invest."

Peer Lending Lessons From the Dating World - In case you missed it, the CEO of Lending Club, Renaud Laplanche, was interviewed on CNBC's Power Lunch. During the interview, a comparison between P2P lending and dating was made. Money $mart Life discusses the comparison and offers some "peer lending 'dating' tips" of his own.

Get a Better Rate for Your Small Business Loan from Virgin Money - Ben takes a look at the story behind Richard Branson's purchase of Circle Lending and its rebranding into the Virgin Money empire.

Is Peer to-Peer Lending Ready for Prime Time? - Moolanomy considers P2P lending "riskier than the stock market" but thinks there is still the potential to earn money as a lender.

Prosper Taxes and Prosper Taxes: Help Me… Help You - Rateladder and Lazy Man both take a look at the confusing tax situation for the various forms of income and loss including interest, defaulted loans, late fees, referral rewards, collection fees, service fees and group leader rewards.

Prosper vs. Lending Club SmackDown–Who has the best interest rates? - The Dough Roller makes a detailed comparison of the interest rates at Prosper and Lending Club from the borrower's perspective. DR writes, "How they set interest rates is fundamentally different. Prosper follows an EBay auction style format...Lending Club sets the interest rate based on a formula...there is no bidding." DR finally concludes, "Whether you are a borrower or lender, the starting place should be to determine the interest rate you would pay or receive at Lending Club....At present, I suspect that many Prosper lenders are underestimating the risk of default, which results in better interest rates for borrowers at Prosper, and better interest rates for lenders at Lending Club." This is a well researched article and the best comparison I've seen so far. The comments are very good as well. As Don points out in the comments, Prosper uses ScoreX Plus from Experian which differs from the FICO credit score Lending Club uses so a strict comparison can't be made between the two when looking at interest rates. For more Prosper bidding tips take a look at Matt's article about when to bid on a Prosper loan.

7.2M In January Prosper Loans, But How About February? - Mike from Prosperous Land takes a quick look at recent loan stats. He is one of my favorite Prosper bloggers and I'm glad he started posting more often. For a look at two of his articles about recent Prosper drama read Prosper Approaching Nuclear War and Junk Mail Seller Revisited.

Lending Club Loan in Review - LuLu, a college student, borrows money from Lending Club and pays off her Discover Card, Citi Card and consolidates other debts.

IOU Central Launches P2P lending in Canada - WiseClerk, the best site for information about international P2P lending, takes a look at Canada's first P2P lending service.

My Opinions on P2P Lending - Ana rants against P2P lending. "I don’t think P2P lending is a good idea at all, not only for philosophical reasons but also for practical reasons," she writes. She feels these sites encourage unhealthy debt and would even avoid being a lender to avoid the ethical dilemma of "slapping those chains of debt onto another person."

Why I Started Lending Money With Prosper And Lending Club - After seeing the rates drop on his high yield ING savings account, David from My Two Dollars is turning to P2P lending.

Peer to Peer Lending: Neat Idea, Bad Investment - Adfecto thinks that bonds or the stock market are better investment options due to high default rates. He says, "I started out very excited and the more I learned, the more I ran the other way." Adfecto, I'd be interested in your comments on Matt's risk management article.

P2P Borrowers: The Greatest Tenants You Can Find - Mike compares a peer loan to a real estate investment. He writes, "I have come to think of the people I loan money to as the ideal tenants for my virtual real estate business."

Pennsylvania loans or what were early Prosper lenders thinking? - Brett takes a look at the high rate of defaults on Pennsylvania loans. We have also wondered about Pennsylvania in the past. In addition, Brett looking for some help critiquing his new Prosper portfolio.

How to Write a Good Application for a Personal Loan - The Lending Hub (not to be confused with the Lending Club) is a new P2P lending start-up in Australia. They share some tips on how to write a good loan request as a borrower. Their tips are solid and apply no matter what company you are seeking funding from or what country you are in. Stay tuned...later this week we will have a guest post from Ivan, Lending Hub's CEO.

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