Pennsylvania lenders booted from Prosper

Pennsylvania appears to be one of the least friendly when it comes to peer to peer lending. One year ago we reported that Pennsylvania borrowers avoided Prosper due to the low rate caps. Borrowers residing in Pennsylvania could only request loans at 6% and below due to aggressive state regulations. Few lenders were willing to risk their money for such a low return. The situation changed in April when Prosper raised the rate cap for all states to 36%.

Now p2p lending has a new problem in Pennsylvania - lenders are banned. Here's the announcement from the Prosper blog.

"We have made the decision to discontinue accepting new lender registrations, and new bids from existing lenders, from residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our decision to make this change was based on our ongoing discussions with regulators in Pennsylvania, which led us to believe the change was necessary to comply with their current interpretation of their state regulations.

We have notified existing lenders residing in Pennsylvania of this change via email and at the point of signing into their Prosper accounts. Existing lenders residing in Pennsylvania will continue with their existing lender agreements, have their existing loans serviced, and be able to transfer funds out of their Prosper account. However, they will not be able to place new bids on listings or transfer money into their Prosper accounts.

This change does not affect borrowers residing in Pennsylvania, who remain free to create loan listings on Prosper."