Swap a Debt user reviews - false?

Swap a Debt's site has been live only a few hours and is not yet fully functional, but it is filled with testimonials. Unfortunately the endorsements read like ad copy and it is very unlikely these are real users. If not real users, these endorsements have the potential to damage the credibility of the site - the last thing a financial site wants to lose. Here are some of the user comments:

"We got married, bought a house, and had two kids in just a couple of years. It seemed as though we were spiraling downward as our bills increased and our credit scores decreased. Thanks to Swap a Debt, we were able to fix our credit and restructure our debt. We finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Swap a Debt!"

I am the owner of a small successful restaurant. I thought that since my business was going well, the bank would give me a loan to expand without a problem. Boy, was I wrong! Thanks to Swap a Debt, I got the money I needed and feel good about my success."

"After the baby came, I made a decision - I needed to start my own landscaping company to live up to my expectations as a father. I was tired of working for someone else. Going to the bank was a nightmare, and it seemed as if I would never get the start-up money I needed to secure my family's future. A friend told me about Swap a Debt, and it was so easy and fast. Thank you Swap a Debt."

"When I discovered that my insurance company was not going to cover my delivery expenses, I panicked. I didn't know which way to turn, and then a friend suggested going to Swapadebt.com. Thanks to your company I got the money I needed to pay the hospital bills and had enough left over to finish the baby room. Thank you Swap a Debt!"

"I was tired of paying high interest rates on my credit cards. I have excellent credit and knew there had to be a way to lower my payments. I tried several times to have my credit cards lower their interest rates, but that was impossible. They would only end up trying to sell me something instead! When I found Swap a Debt, I was thrilled. I got a loan quickly and paid off my credit cards and closed the accounts. If more people did this, maybe it would change the way they do business. Thank you Swap a Debt!'

"We racked up some big credit card debt traveling to Asia to finalize our adoptions. While we consider ourselves blessed everyday for our kids, that debt was hanging over us like a dark cloud. We stumbled across Swap a Debt on Google, and shortly after received a loan at half of the credit card interest rate! We paid off the credit card and turned that dark cloud into a rainbow. Thanks Swap a Debt!"

"When we got engaged, we started to plan for our wedding and our future. We looked at our finances as our first "team" project. We quickly realized that paying such high interest rates on our credit cards was eating away at our savings. We were determined to save for a home, and thanks to Swap a Debt we are well on our way. Thanks Swap a Debt!"

"As a small business owner, I would sometimes find myself short on cash while waiting for my accounts to pay. I was yearning for a quick, simple economic answer to my short-term financing needs. I dreaded going into the bank and jumping through hoops to try to get a loan. Then I found Swap a Debt. I jumped on the computer when I wasn't busy, filled out the easy online forms, and I was done. Thanks Swap a Debt for making something simple; simple again!"