'Snarky' blogger critiques Prosper borrowers

Before Prosper deleted their forums (archive available at prosperreport.com) lenders would often critique borrowers and share information in an effort to avoid borrowers who were likely to default. Sometimes those discussions would turn up quite a bit of scandal - the most notorious was Jessica Wolcott. Now these discussions have moved to other web properties, mostly propsers.org and various blogs.

One of these blogs belongs to Kyle M. Stevens. He says he started the blog to "poke fun at some of the Prosper listings." His blog is less than two weeks old but it has already captured the attention of MSN's money blog. Donna Freedman writes, "It was just a matter of time before some snarky blogger began commenting on the applications for loans at Prosper.com, the peer-to-peer lending site. If you apply for a loan at Prosper and your credit history isn't great, you might show up on Prosper lender Kyle M. Stephens' radar screen. You'd better have a thick skin or a generous sense of humor."