Finovate Profile: CalendarBudget

CalendarBudget is going to be a participant at the 2009 Finovate conference later this month.

The company, which was founded by husband and wife team Eric and Robin Poulin in Toronto is planning to exit beta mode just in time for the start of FinovateStartup on April 28th. (Hint: if you want to take advantage of their lower fees for beta users--sign up now!)

CalendarBudget is a unique method for planning your family's budget and expenses, showing it in a visual format. No more spreadsheets. The CalendarBudget system plots your transactions on a calendar. You tag your in-and-out transactions with a category (cable, debt, auto, mortgage for example) and you can see when your monthly ups and downs in income are. It also plots your daily bank balance across the top of the calendar (see example).

For right now, CalendarBudget is free, but upon exiting the beta testing period, there will be a monthly charge of about $5 for beta-testers and $8 for new users. There are also six-month and annual plans. A 30-day free trial period is also available.

Another interesting feature is that CalendarBudget is available for banks and corporate users in an unbranded system, where the client can add their own branded "skin." This could be an excellent value-added-service for banks, credit unions and other financial service providers to offer their customers with their accounts.

CalendarBudget does not aggregate your information, but allows you to import it from several accounts. They are considering offering a free version that would allow users to try the system with one account for free with reduced functionality.

CalendarBudget has been in testing for 18 months with 1200 users worldwide. The platform is intuitive (similar to Outlook) and support is available through their forums.

Jessica Ward is a Freelance Writer in the Seattle area. She also blogs at She covers personal finance and family.