See 57 financial technology startups in one day

At Prosper Lending Review we are not only interested in p2p lending - all financial technology startups capture our attention. For this reason, we are quite excited about FINVOATE Startup 2009 which will be held in San Francisco on April 28, 2009.

The regular ticket prices for FinovateStartup09 will expire today (April 17th) at midnight. Register before the end of today and save $100 off the last-minute ticket prices. Use offer code fan109 to save an additional $100 on the ticket price.

FINOVATE Startup is billed as the "largest group of financial technology startups ever assembled in one place" with 57 companies in the lineup. All the major p2p lending players will be there including Lending Club, Pertuity Direct, and Prosper.

Here is a complete list of companies: