NeatlySaid targets Financial Hobbyists with Mircoblogging

I was surprised this week to receive an invitation to join “NeatlySaid” because I’m a financial blogger. I’m not in to following stocks, commodities, etc at this point, but I took a spin through microblogging because I’ve seen some really cool mircoblogging applications lately.

For Twitter users, this is a little bit better than Twitter because you can rate the credibility of the user’s prediction. If someone is clearly blowing smoke, their rating will show that way.

Another thing that makes it a little better than Twitter is that you can’t post your lunch menu or your cat’s latest (however adorable) antics. Every post needs to be tagged to a ticker or subject. I personally, couldn’t think of anything relevant to post, so I haven’t yet. However, you should see what my cat is doing right now…

If you’re a stock, commodities or currencies nerd, you’ll have fun with Neatly Said, and I encourage you to give it a try.

Jessica Ward is a freelance writer and blogger and also blogs at